Kaiserhof Restaurant, San Diego

Kaiserhof Restaurant, San Diego

Kaiserhof Restaurant

2253 Sunset Cliffs Blvd.
San Diego, Calif. 92107
Phone: 619-224-0606
Fax: 619-224-3567

Reviewed 8-6-08 for dinner.

Food: B
Decor: B
Service: A
Restrooms: B

Outside view of the Kaiserhof Restaurant.

This is a German food restaurant. The menu offers categories of sea food, steaks, veal, pork, chicken, sausages, beef and deserts. Prices range between $15 and $28. From 5 to 6:30 early bird specials might be offered for a savings of about $2 but with only one side dish. When ordering non early bird menu items you get a choice of two sides in addition to a salad or soup. The side dishes are as follows:

German fried potatoes.
French fries.
Mashed potatoes.
Potato pancake.
Red potatoes.
Potato salad.
Bread dumpling.
Wide egg noodles.
Spatzle (home made German noodles).
Red cabbage.
Vegetables of the day.
Apple sauce.

Kaiserhof bar

The meal started with rolls, which my daughter devoured and loved.  She could not stop commenting on how good they tasted.
My daughter had only goulash soup. My wife had chicken gruyere ($15.95). I had sauerbraten, Bavarian style ($19.75). As side dishes my wife and I both had asparagus soup and spatzle. I also had red cabbage.

The rolls for me were good but not special. The asparagus cuttings in the soup were way too tough and could not be chewed. The soup seemed too salty and slightly harsh in flavor. I sampled my wife’s chicken gruyere and it was rich and done very well. My daughter’s soup was very good  and had a mild flavor. My sauerbraten was very good. The sauce was a slightly sour and hinted with vinegar just a bit too much. The meat was tender.

View of part of one of the Kaiserhof Restaurant dining rooms.

The waiter was perfect. My back was to the center of the dining room so I could not see any staff approach our table. The support staff did quite well because I still could see arms reaching past me to place rolls and refill drinks on our table.

This restaurant is quite close to Paradise Point Resort & Spa and I recommend that if you stay at that resort or any other hotel in Mission Bay, you consider trying this restaurant out.

There is a parking lot behind the restaurant but if you arrive late, you might have to park at a gas station as it seemed there were not enough parking spaces for the number of tables in the restaurant.  We also found the streets in this area to be quite busy just before 5pm during week days.

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