Getting iPad to Sync With MacBook Pro

Getting iPad to Sync With MacBook Pro

The secret for me to get my SplashId Desktop version 6.0.1 to synchronize with my iPad was to turn the firewall OFF!

  • Do NOT attempt to syncronize using Bluetooth.  It will NOT work.
  • Plug in the serial cable between the iPad and the laptop USB port.
  • Open SplashID Safe desktop on your computer.
  • Open SplashID on your iPad.
  • Turn off the laptop firewall. (Apple menu>System Preferences>Security>[unlock the padlock with your logon code]>press the Stop button.
  • Confirm that the correct IP Address is written.  I found that worked and (desktop IP Address) also worked.
  • Activate “Sync” button on the iPad screen bottom right.
  • Wait for the synchronization to complete.
  • Remember to turn ON the firewall when finished.

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