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We do NOT recommend anyone doing business with this company until we get clarification as to their actions.

April 15, 2011 a purchase was made of 3.4 OZ of Clairborne Mambo for Men.  The purchase was made through web site.  One would think any vendor that Amazon lists might be able to handle this transaction.

The shipping label shows the following:

Order Summary
Order Placed:    Apr 15, 2011
Order #:    xxxxxxxxx
Shipping and Handling    $2.50
Before Tax Total:    $18.94
Order Total:    $18.94

The actual item received shows the contents to be 1.7 OZ.

A call was placed to the company April 26, 2011 and the most unprofessional response occurred.  The person who answered the phone only said “hello?”  The young lady said to respond by e-mail as to the problem.  Going to the web site, the page that shows contact information shows NOTHING.  A complaint was made through Amazon. com e-mail portal to vendors.  This is the contents of that e-mail:

Here is a copy of the e-mail that you sent to Inline Beauty.

————– Begin message ————–

Order Placed: Apr 15, 2011
Order number: xxxxxx
Customer #: xxxxxxx
Tracking Number:    xxxxxxx
Item(s): 1 of Liz Claiborne Mambo 3.4 oz EDC Spray for Men $16.44
Problem:  The item shows 1.7 FL OZ  and not what I paid for which is 3.4 oz.

————– End message ————–

For Your Information: To help arbitrate disputes and preserve trust and safety, we retain all messages buyers and sellers send through for two years.  This includes your response to the message above. uses filtering technology to protect buyers and sellers from possible fraud.  Messages that fail this filtering will not be transmitted.


I then did some Internet investigation and found the following:

Partial review of Inline Beauty on  “I had to deal directly with the seller, which was a young woman named Tina, who was completely unprofessional. And never got back to me about sending me a replacement product or issuing a refund. If you go to, you’ll notice there is NO contact information: no email, no phone number. I had a phone number in my invoice from them, and it was Tina’s home phone number. Her mother answered at one point, telling me ‘Tina is in school, can you call back after 3?’ HUH??? What kind of business is that? Then, when I got a hold of her, she said ‘I’ll have my boss call you when he gets out of a meeting’ yeah…right. I asked for an email address, and was told ‘Give me your email address, and I’ll email you.’ This was after she told me to ‘Go to the website and our email address is there’.”


It would appear that this business is run by a very young person.  Amazon needs to call this person up and provide a list of duties and responsibilities, bullet points, that are necessary to continue doing business with and the buying public.

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