The Money Wall

The Money Wall

Through out most of 2011, the Republican and Democratic party were not passing much legislation, far apart on most issues, could not agree upon resolving the debt limit.  Much of the citizenry were pretty disgusted with both parties.  Let us take a singular view and see if it shows merit.

Think in your mind of a barren space, smooth and flat in every direction.  An arbitrary line is drawn north and south for a distance of 200 yards.  You stand straddling the line at the south end facing north so you can view both or either side of the line.  The line is one foot wide, painted a bright white color and upon the line are stacks of money, huge amounts of money within easy reach of anyone who approaches the line.    Two individuals stand on either side of the white line that is now covered with money reaching up about eight feet.   One man representing the Democratic party is on the west side, or left of the line from your view.   The other the man representing the Republican is standing on the east, or right side.  Each man is allowed to stand closer to the line depends upon some simple rules.  Either man can stand closer to the wall of money if his party approaches the values of the whole country.  Either man can stand closer to the line if he works toward the better good of all citizens including minorities and gays.  Either man can get closer to the line if he achieves legislation and programs that benefit as many citizens and businesses as possible.   Guess who is closer to the wall and pulling money from it as campaign contributions?

Example from LA Times:

Republicans face a money challenge

The first look at the campaign finance activities of the 2012 White House contenders underscored not only President Obama’s huge cash advantage over his rivals but also the wide disparities in the Republican field, setting the stage for an urgent money hunt by GOP candidates in the coming months. (First paragraph of article).
LA Times Saturday July 16, LAEXTRA section, Page 1By: Matea Gold,, Kim Geiger and Melanie Mason reporting from Washington.

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