Anna F.

Anna F.

I just love to make a personal discovery of a singer that I have never heard of before and measure how much I like the music or not.  An Austrian acquaintance suggested that I listen to the music of Anna Friedberg (real name is Anna Wappel) who lives in Austria.  Her stage name is Anna F.  Wikipedia article on her shows a singer that seems committed to her craft as she has been rising in popularity and won awards.  iTunes offers a couple of her albums, The first album For Real with 15 songs shows 12 maximum popularity.  The second album Most of All with 2 songs both with highest popularity rating.  The songs on Most of All were duplicated in For Real but the recordings in Most of All, in my opinion were way better done.  I should have mentioned earlier that the major shock for me is she sings in English and does so extremely well.  I recommend that you give her a listen on YouTube or iTunes.

Anna Friedberg (Stage Name: Anna F.)

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