Harbor View Inn, Santa Barbara, California

Harbor View Inn, Santa Barbara, California

This is an upscale inn that is situated along the coast city of Santa Barbara in a most strategic location.  It begins at one corner with its wonderful restaurant, Eladio’s across from the Stearns Wharf.  The wharf extends the most singular important street, State Street, right into the ocean and then ends with restaurant and shops that rest on the top of that wood pier.  The begining of Stearns Wharf, a significant tourist attraction, for all of its eating places, shops and view, intersects a street that runs parallel with the ocean called Cabrillo Boulevard.  Harbor View Inn rests on the corner of State Street and Cabrillo Boulevard.  The traffic at this intersection is quite heavy with vehicles that come down State Street and must T on to Cabrillo Boulevard.  It takes up almost a large full square block.

The rooms inside the inn are very nice. Our room had a wonderful sitting area, deep marble top desk, huge dresser and good size closet.  The bathroom was excellent.  As you entered a door that can be locked, there is a very large counter, large mirror with hair dryer and amenities such as the obligatory shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, bathing soap, bar of soap, box of tissues,

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