Results of surgery, Chylothorax.

Results of surgery, Chylothorax.

May 9th we found out what surgery had determined. There is a duct that takes fatty material from the intestines and moves this fluid up to the heart. Some time this duct ruptures and the fluid does not make it successfully to the heart but dumps into the lungs. This is what happened to Whiskers.  Some cats are prone to this problem. The surgeons would expect to find one duct but Whiskers had multiple ducts which they cut off and evidently went with one passage way. They took some fatty tissue from the abdomen and moved it up into the duct to help mitigate the fluid reaching the lungs in some way; I was never clear as to what that part of the surgery was. They found out that he cat’s heart had a sack around it that constricted the heart. They cut the sack out. They determined that the cat had heart disease also.  When we arrived we were given instructions as to how to administer a shot into the top sholder and multiple medications for the cat. Whiskers had a PEG tube coming out of his stomach where I would send in food and medications.

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