T-Mobile Handset Insurance

T-Mobile Handset Insurance

T-Moblile may be one of the best out of a lowly lot of cell phone providers for my area in North Orange County, California.  One major flaw for T-Mobile may be their handset insurance.  If your battery dies you can ONLY get a mail replacement (really stupid).  If the store has a direct replacement in stock they will charge you full price (This can range roughly between 30 and 50 dollars).  This shows their apparent lack of customer service and respect.  My daughter was told that a battery replacement would cost just over $7 and take 5 days to arrive.  You will see later in this review that this $7 may not be for just shipping and handling but we may have had to buy the whole new battery without T-Mobile taking a financial loss.  We have handset insurance and the battery should be provided for free.  The next day she gets a text message saying that the battery would take 7 days.  That is totally unacceptable!  I will not let my daughter leave the house without her cell phone.  I expect the local T-Mobile stores to stock every battery for every phone they sell.  I further expect that if the store has a direct replacement in stock that it be furnished for free when the customer has handset insurance.  We found that we could purchase a new battery on the Internet for about $7 and it would take 5 to 10 days to arrive (about the same price T-Mobile charges us for “shipping and handling”).  My daughter did buy a battery from an Internet site and paid just over $14 so it would arrive in one to three days.  T-Mobile, in my mind, may be approaching the despicable, under performing status that AT&T has exhibited.  (Posted June 13, 2012)

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