Ford 2006 Escape – Reality (#2 in a series)

Ford 2006 Escape – Reality (#2 in a series)

The car worked quite well for a number of years.  But, some small issues did crop up quite soon that were very telling to me that allegedly that Ford engineering was flawed..  I tried to adjust one of the passenger air vents.  There was a small knob that you could sort of rotate up or down to direct the vents.  As soon as I pressed against the knob to roll, it fell apart.  The side vents have a lever that can move vents back and forth.  The lever is utterly useless.  They were so poorly designed that you have to use a stick device to move them.

The air conditioning would not cool the cab and I had to have that serviced.

The cruise control died.

When you wash the car and spray water into the wheels an incredible amount of black rust like material pours out of the wheels soiling the driveway.  Our Toyotas never have this problem.

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