Ford 2006 Escape – The Event (#3 in a series)

Ford 2006 Escape – The Event (#3 in a series)

January 2014 during a routine maintenance McCoy Mills found an oil leak that was covered on an extended warrantee that I purchased.  It would take two days to repair.  I asked how much it would cost if I did not have the warrantee and was told well over a thousand dollars.  The car took close to four days because approval had to be made by Ford and that approval did not arrive right away.  When I picked up the car and drove it, it seemed like it had a new engine.  It was noticeably more quiet and smooth.  It seemed like we had a new engine.

The next night I had to pick my daughter up from work.  She said she might get out at 10:15pm.  I waited and waited.  It was quite cold outside so I turned on the engine and ran the heater.  About 15 minutes later I started to hear what sounded like a child mimicking a siren sound.  It would start up and then stop.  This kept on going for over five minutes and then got a bit louder.  The parking lot in front of the store had only a few cars, probably owned by the employees that would soon leave work.  I opened my driver window and determined that the siren sound was coming from our car.  I then looked at the dash and noticed that the engine maintenance light was lit.  I turned the car off and waited another 15 minutes for my daughter to leave work.  We got the car home safely but there was this siren sound again during the drive and the engine maintenance light was still on.

Next day, I drove the Escape back to the dealership.  They would inspect the car for free.  Within two hours it was ready.  They found a vacuum leak.

The very next day I used the Escape to go to the gym and work out.  I then went to Albertson’s to get my daughter and me a Starbucks drink.  On the way home, about a mile distance, while making a left turn, I heard something in the engine compartment break and I lost power steering.   I had the car towed to McCoy Mills.  They called me about 4 pm to tell me that the power steering pump had busted and it was covered; no cost to me.

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