Europe vs Middle East vs North Africa

Europe vs Middle East vs North Africa

The influx from the Middle East and North Africa of individuals fleeing war and conflict is a powerful indicator of how the political and social systems of both those areas of the globe are so wrongly administered by the rulers whether they are religious, political, royalty, oligarch or dictators.

This problem also indicates how utterly lame and useless the United Nations is.

This problem also may seem to point a finger at past political decisions were made in error.  Example is the First World War where Germany was treated like a vessel state.  The results from the Second World War which carved up parts of the Middle East, failed to follow ethnic, religious and tribal borders.   The United Nations inserted a Jewish state and denied Palestine its soverignty due to its procedural failures (“the U.N. effectively acted to prevent the establishment of an independent and democratic state of Palestine”).  Europe and the United States overthrew the ruler of Libya turning that county into a tribal war zone.  The Untied States invaded Iraq which also unleashed ethnic, tribal and religious conflict.  It seems that the “civilized” nations are utterly incompetent in successfully solving world problems and when they do get involved, make matters worse.

So, now we have a real mess on our hands with individuals from the Middle East and North Africa trying to migrate to a more safe and sane environment.

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The expected result for Europe is a shift to conservative politics, increase in local terrorism, increase in unemployment, and increased burden upon social services such as health care and police.

Recommended Reading: Here is an interesting example, an analysis of Libya and how it is destined to fail due to it being a rentier state, tribal society and other factors: The Role Of Tribal Dynamics In The Libyan Future


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