Malibu Outdoor Lighting Installation Tips

Malibu Outdoor Lighting Installation Tips

For years our house has used a Malibu outdoor light system.  I give the system an average rating, not meaning that there is anything better, just that the system comes with a significant number of problems.  Let me list a few:

  • Trying to get a new light fixture to properly connect to the power line is not always easy.
  • Over time, some fixtures tend to not work and fail for good.  (Trick: If the instrument end connectors go bad you can try to do a direct wire connection to the end of the main power line.)
  • Trying to move a fixture that has been working well in one location and moving it to another location can be very frustrating.  It seems that a fixture is more reliable if left alone and not moved.

Here are some tips for maintaining a system:

  • Make sure the pin that penetrates the main power line is not bent.  If you do see that it is bent, use a tool line a small pliers and straighten it.
Image shows a Malibu light connection pin which is bent and thus will not work.
Notice that the arrow points to the electrical pin contact which is bent. It will not penetrate the main power line.
  • Make sure that when you attach the two sides of the instrument power connector to the main power line that you pay particular attention to line up the pins so when you squeeze to lock the connector the pins will indeed penetrate the main power line to make a good connection.
Photo shows one of two light power pins is not properly centered to push into the main power line.
Note that the bottom electrical connection pin will not penetrate the main power line.


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