DCCC E-Mail Apparently Flawed And No One To Report Too.

DCCC E-Mail Apparently Flawed And No One To Report Too.

Date: February 25, 2016

I received an e-mail from the DCCC with an interesting enticement.

“You could watch Bernie or Hillary accept the nomination IN PERSON!”

“You could be on your way to the convention to see our nominee! We’ll put you up in a hotel and buy your flight — so you just need to worry about who you’ll bring!”

I got hooked.  I tried following the steps but something wrong took place.  I decided to notify the DCCC about an apparent problem they might have.

Following is an e-mail I composed and then tried to send on to the DCCC.  I could not find a single workable e-mail address for the DCCC or any of its members.  I found names of candidates and DCCC members and they seem to be out of touch using e-mail from my application, Mac Mail.  The best it got was for me to fill in a web site message which I took to mean that no one would read it but they were farming my contact information.  I could not add images of the Firefox error using their web page mail.  So being a blogger, I decided to send the DCCC the e-mail right from this web page.  Here it is:

“Good going guys.  You do not seem to know how to put up a working web site.
I get an e-mail from this address: dccc@dccc.org.  It shows an apparent campaign gimmick.
I click on  the words: FIRST: “Fill out a bracket and pick the Republicans you believe will win on Super Tuesday.   (See image below)”


I am directed to a web site which I can not share with you as it has my personal information inside that web address (which is weird)!  This may be a method for them to automate who is actually reading their sales advertisements.
What is shocking for me and why I wanted to let the DCCC know they apparently have a problem as follows.

“My Firefox notifies me that your web site is NOT SECURE!”  (See image below).



I decided to bail out of this DCCC sales pitch and NOT complete their process.

Using Privacy Badger, an extension that I installed into Firefox, I reported this problem after not being able to communicate directly with the DCCC.

“This will automatically send the following information to EFF: the site you’re currently visiting, your browser version, the version of Privacy Badger, and the state of all the sliders for this site.”


NOTE:  I found out that when I sent a donation to the DCCC, I then got a LOT of e-mail.  Many of these political sources do not allow you to unsubscribe.  I really recommend that you create a separate e-mail account for spammers to use.


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