Choosing Which Multiple Home Wi-Fi Access Point To Use May Be Important.

I have two wireless access points in my home.  The main access, Apple Time Capsule, shows 12 Wi-Fi devices connected.  That Time Capsule gets our cable signal directly.  The second access point, Apple Airport Express, only had one Wi-Fi device connected and gets it’s signal from an Ethernet feed from our router.  Both my wife in the kitchen and I in the dinning room were watching the 2018 FIFA World Soccer match using Spectrum Live TV application.  That application is excellent!  Her computer was connected to the primary access by Wi-Fi.  I could hear both computers at the same time when I entered the kitchen door, which is half way between the two computers.  They were not in sync.  The delay factor was huge, way over 10 seconds.  My computer was way behind my wife’s in delay of audio and video.  I then looked to see which access point my computer was using.  It was the same as my wife.  We have a second access point, an Apple Airport Express being fed Ethernet from our router.  That device had only one device connected to it.  I changed to this second access point and now my audio and video was way ahead of the computer in the kitchen.  The lesson for me is that the choice of Wi-Fi access point is important.  I also hope that the buffer errors, picture and audio stopping, will diminish.

Still unknown are the factors that make up the sync errors.  Is it that one device has to service twelve devices while the other only services one device?  Is the Apple Time Capsule electronically slower due to it’s more extensive electronics?

Posted July 15, 2018

DCCC E-Mail Apparently Flawed And No One To Report Too.

Date: February 25, 2016

I received an e-mail from the DCCC with an interesting enticement.

“You could watch Bernie or Hillary accept the nomination IN PERSON!”

“You could be on your way to the convention to see our nominee! We’ll put you up in a hotel and buy your flight — so you just need to worry about who you’ll bring!”

I got hooked.  I tried following the steps but something wrong took place.  I decided to notify the DCCC about an apparent problem they might have.

Following is an e-mail I composed and then tried to send on to the DCCC.  I could not find a single workable e-mail address for the DCCC or any of its members.  I found names of candidates and DCCC members and they seem to be out of touch using e-mail from my application, Mac Mail.  The best it got was for me to fill in a web site message which I took to mean that no one would read it but they were farming my contact information.  I could not add images of the Firefox error using their web page mail.  So being a blogger, I decided to send the DCCC the e-mail right from this web page.  Here it is:

“Good going guys.  You do not seem to know how to put up a working web site.
I get an e-mail from this address:  It shows an apparent campaign gimmick.
I click on  the words: FIRST: “Fill out a bracket and pick the Republicans you believe will win on Super Tuesday.   (See image below)”


I am directed to a web site which I can not share with you as it has my personal information inside that web address (which is weird)!  This may be a method for them to automate who is actually reading their sales advertisements.
What is shocking for me and why I wanted to let the DCCC know they apparently have a problem as follows.

“My Firefox notifies me that your web site is NOT SECURE!”  (See image below).



I decided to bail out of this DCCC sales pitch and NOT complete their process.

Using Privacy Badger, an extension that I installed into Firefox, I reported this problem after not being able to communicate directly with the DCCC.

“This will automatically send the following information to EFF: the site you’re currently visiting, your browser version, the version of Privacy Badger, and the state of all the sliders for this site.”


NOTE:  I found out that when I sent a donation to the DCCC, I then got a LOT of e-mail.  Many of these political sources do not allow you to unsubscribe.  I really recommend that you create a separate e-mail account for spammers to use.


One Of Many Republican Conundrums – Appointment Of A Supreme Court Justice

The Republican Party has a lot of nasty issues facing it at the beginning of 2016, most brought upon itself.  The issue I wish to address is an apparent conundrum which now allows President Obama to recommend a “Supreme Court” justice to fill the vacancy left by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia.  The Republican leadership obviously wants their specific choice for oligarch boot licker to be sitting in that court and not one appointed by a Democrat.  For the more intelligent but rather small Republican strategists it might occur that if they thwart Obama from making his choice a lot of Democrats and independents might drift toward voting for a Democrat president, in the next presidential election, in the hopes of thwart the “Supreme Court”, the US Senate, and the House of Representatives from obtaining a Republican majority.  This nation really needs a balance of power and not a dictatorship.  The problem for the Republican strategists is which is more important to them and their oligarch masters?  Do they allow President Obama to make his appointment so as to pacify voters on the fence or do they stop any Democrat appointments to the Supreme Court in the hopes that a Republican president gets in office and then they can pick the next “Supreme Court justice?  My bet is that they will try to put a toady into the “Supreme Court” as soon as possible because if they are successful  that results in a longer term trajectory of pleasing the oligarch class.  What is interesting is if the Republicans miscalculate and attempt to put in their lickspittle and fail in this attempt and the American public witness this charade then they might piss off the American public and loose the presidential election.  Then, the next president might very well slide in much more progressive Supreme Court candidate because he or she will have four years to accomplish this appointment and not just nine months for President Obama.  The progressives, who have been amazingly asleep about the importance of a balanced “Supreme Court” hopefully will now take strong measures to appoint one of their choices and less likely try to accommodate the Republicans.

Google Latitude Gone.

I used Google Latitude to track my daughter’s location when she went away for trips.  I figure that girls need a bit more protection than boys.  Also, my son would never allow me to track him.  Google Latitude was not perfect when my daughter traveled in areas of the United States where there was no cell phone coverage.  Where there was cell phone coverage, it was very useful and accurate.  I assume this decision by Google’s alleged  oligarchy to kill Latitude held no concern for the greater good vs the company profits.

Arab Spring – Opinion

So let me get this right, the whole Arab problem started when a young Tunisian Mohamed Bouazizi set himself on fire after he was banned from selling fruit to earn a living (1).   It would seem that in various parts of the Arab world a small but growing segment of the people in each country wish to attain meaningful employment and to achieve a subsistence standard of life.  It stands to reason that many more wish for a better life.  To me that they no longer wish to be slaves to dictators because dictators seek their own self interests.  It has taken a long while for a bottom up revolution and its about time that the Middle East populations overthrow their oppressors.  The scum bag dictators in each Middle East country will do everything in their power to suppress the Arab Spring revolution.

The western nations seemingly tried to help this overthrow in Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan only to discover that another set of scum bags were waiting in the wings to take control.  The little guys, like Mohamed Bouaziz’s of the Middle East, had no chance to make any political gains when fecal minded tribal leaders, self serving Islam clerics, medieval minded “royalty” and selfish military entrepreneurs use their innate power position advantages to retain power from the people who ideally and actually own the country.

The former national dictators of Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria actually seemed quite capable of keeping the lid on any wild political aspirations.  They seemed adept at controlling tribal, sectarian and military interests in their country.  When the United States unscrewed that lid with the bombing in Libya (2), the invasion of Iraq (3) and Afghanistan (4), new groups of individuals with way less intellect, compassion and legitimacy moved into the vacuum.  A new set of self serving scum sucking dogs took over.  The little guy in each country was a pawn once again but now with the same or more oppression.  In each country, many people died from the lid being opened.  Each individual who was killed was nothing more than a blade of grass for the scum dogs to trample upon.

The Arab Spring at first seemed to be a new bright beginning for the Middle East but one must understand that the humane being is innately less compassionate if they are in power but self serving and out of that selfish to the point of denying anyone else from attaining any gain (5).   It takes intellect, a good education and a philosophy (not religion) that wishes everyone to attain a better life. Lifting the whole boat is a proven economic solution.  Such compassionate individuals that have a three digit IQ are rare.

In some measure, the Middle East ongoing failure, is due to the education system of the Middle East being retarded (6), deficient in that it utterly fails to teach students how to measure  and analyze problems by detecting the separate components and properties of any problem and giving each component an importance values so a better understanding of solutions arising out of realizing which are the more important components first and less important components later can be thought out and proposed (7).  Right now such intellectual explorations are not taking place but instead, factors that may seem to work to keep the ruling class in power and making the elite vast amounts of money takes precedence.





(7) First item





Shocking Observation, October 2015

At a local gym where I work out during the week I bring old copies of my Wall Street Journal front section and give them to a Republican friend.  He loves to read the opinion section to affirm his right wing beliefs.  I also bring in the center sections, Personal Journal and Mansion for a women trainer to read.  She is not interested in local or world news.  One of the club members brings the Wall Street Journal to the club and reads it while riding a stationary bicycle.  He does this every day.  After he is done with his workout and before he leaves, he leaves his WSJ paper on top of the cubicles, where people put their gym bags and possessions while working out.    Other club members pick up parts of the paper and read them while on treadmills and bicycles.  Just a few days ago I passed this fellow and asked him if he was still leaving his Wall Street Journal for members to read.  He said that he canceled his subscription.  I asked why and he said he was getting tired of all the negative news.  That’s interesting because just a few days prior I really got the same feeling after looking over that day’s paper.  Just a few days later, October 8, 2015, I talked to my next door neighbor and he too has dropped out from following the news.  He used to listen to Rush Limbaugh, a right wing nut talk show person while driving.  I call Rush the Vomit Comet because he allegedly spews out shill messages for the oligarchy.  My neighbor now listens to National Public Radio.  He then went on to say that his friends have also turned off the news saying that they all feel that its all negative.  He is still a Republican but is utterly discussed with his party.  He wants to see cooperation and not confrontation.

This country really needs an informed citizenry to continue to function as a Democracy.  Idealistically, each of us own this country.  In reality the rich and powerful are always trying to take the handles of power away from the citizens.  This might be one reason the oligarchy wish to diminish public education.  We need to stay engaged with what is going on in our country and around the world so we do not slide into becoming vassals.  Please do not become uneducated about current affairs.

ISIS Recruitment Poster

Come join ISIS.
We offer you excitement.
We offer you a depraved purpose in life.

You qualify if you meet any of the following criteria:

  • You were told or you think you have a lower than normal (IQ) intelligence.
  • You do not feel welcome in your current society or community.
  • You cannot find a job.
  • You think you do not have the capabilities to survive and flourish in your current environment.
  • Women reject you.
  • Your friends or family reject you.
  • You are bored with TV, radio, books, computers and seeking a normal career path.
  • You want adventure and activities way outside the norm of civilized society.
  • You want to feel important to someone.
  • You feel lonely.

If you join, you will receive:

  • We will give you a weapon and training how to kill another human being.
  • You will receive the immense satisfaction of ending another person’s life.
  • You should attain a sense of satisfaction that you have participated in obliterating records of past societies.
  • You will make a lot of new friends as stupid as you.
  • You will receive the distinction of being called a terrorist.
  • You will learn how to enjoy depravity activities.
  • We ensure male fighters women slaves while you are alive.  Women who volunteer will not be given male slaves.
  • When you die, you will be a martyr to the cause.  If you are a male, you will be given a number of virgin women if there is an after life.

As required by law, we have to share with you the possible side effects:

  • It is almost a sure thing that you will become anonymous, cease to exist and not be important to anyone except the depraved individuals you associate with.
  • You will probably be severely injured.
  • You will live in fear.
  • You will probably die.
  • Your family might never know how you died or where you were buried.
  • If you do survive the conflict, you will never be able to go back home.
  • If you survive, you will never be able to see your friends or family, from the country you came from, ever again.