How To Transfer Music (and other files) From A Mac Computer To A Samsung Galaxy S5

How To Transfer Music (and other files) From A Mac Computer To A Samsung Galaxy S5

I hated my Samsung Galaxy S5 cell phone because the battery life was awful.  It was slow and unreliable.  It was a pain to use.  It began to get worse and then it bricked up the end of May 2016.   I had to un-brick my Samsung Galaxy S5 cell phone by pressing 3 keys at the same time (power, volume up and home keys).  I then chose factory reset from a menu of options.  I then had to wait for a very long time for the new system updates to take place and reboot.  I then had to install all the applications that I had  lost and customize the phone to my liking.  The Play Store showed the applications I had paid for so reinstalling those was easy.

What I found out was my battery life was spectacular after this new installation.  The battery would last longer than one day.  I also found that my internal 16 GB was only half full.  The look of the desktop was different.  I now had rounded icon buttons.

The next problem was to get my iTunes music into the phone, which is the reason for this post.  I tried a long list of methods but nothing would work.  I then asked our computer guru and he recommended WiFi.   It worked.  Here are the steps:

  • Watch this video:
  • Using your cell phone, go to the Play Store and search for “Portal”.  you are looking for “Portal – WiFi File Transfers” by Pushbullet.
  • Install the Portal application on your cell phone.
  • Once the Portal application has finished installation on your phone and has loaded, it will show you to go to this web site on your Macintosh computer:  (Watch out as there is another web site with a similar name that will charge you money).
  • You will be prompted to then use your cell phone camera to take a picture of the code on the open web page showing on your computer screen.
  • Hold the cell phone up to the computer screen and press “Scan” button showing on your cell phone screen.
  • Immediately, a new web page should open up on your computer screen allowing you to drag music files into the web page.  A new screen also shows up on your cell phone hopefully showing “Connected” and “Waiting for files”.
  • Drag your music files on your Macintosh computer into the web site screen and you will then see them, rather rapidly, go over to your cell phone.  The process is impressively fast.

That is it.  I now can play my music stored on my Samsung Galaxy S5.  I just might keep this cell phone for a while longer.

By the way, not only can music files be transferred but other files also.  I have only tested music files so far.  Good luck.

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