Bosh Dishwasher Error Code E:24

Bosh Dishwasher Error Code E:24

Bosh Dishwasher Error Code E:24

Model:  SHE6APO2UC/05

After enjoying our Bosh dishwasher  for years, we began getting an error code E:24 and the washer would not start the wash process.


  • Turn the dishwasher on.
  • Press the Start button.  There will be 3 pump motor sounds, one after the other.
  • I place a finger on the front top of the lid to also feel the first pump sound segment.  Listen for the pump motor to go through its first pump cycle which is rather short duration.  This motor sound might be hard to hear with the door closed.  Do NOT open the dishwasher door.
  • After the first motor sound finishes ,a second motor sound begins but is less deep and a bit more quiet. Do NOT open the dishwasher door.  This motor sound is also quite short in duration.
  • A third pump sound will begin. It is exactly the same as the first in sound and feel.  We wait a few seconds and open the dishwasher door and then close it.
  • Very shortly ,after closing the dishwasher door, you should hear the washer begin to clean the dishes.  It is ok to open the door once this process takes place.  I often do this to add more dishes and silverware.

The dishwasher has worked perfectly for us for years using this method.  I hope this works for you.

This will not repair the problem that presents the error code.


Updated May 28, 2019
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