Is Donald Trump Going To Get Us Into War?

Is Donald Trump Going To Get Us Into War?

I recommend that you be aware of techniques used by dictators.

Techniques of Dictatorships

When a dictator’s political approval rating plummets, one technique to get the nation to follow him/her is to create, find or use a real enemy and go to war with.  Typically, the country will rally around their leader if they buy into seeing an external threat.  The approval rating of Donald Trump is at a historical low.  His recent military actions, which seem so far as being of value, might also suggest a motivation for increasing his low approval rating.  Some fear that the United States might go to war very soon for reasons you might examine such as diversion.

Another motivation for going to war is to divert a nation’s attention away from some embarrassment.  Past United States presidents have used this technique.

Diversionary Foreign Policy is a recognized technique.

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