Installing insinkerator Evolution Prestige Garbage Disposal.

Installing insinkerator Evolution Prestige Garbage Disposal.

Date of purchase: July 20, 2017

Vendor: Lowe’s.

It was a Thursday, July 20, 2017, when our garbage disposal failed. One of the grinding heads broke loose which caused the garbage disposal to nearly explode with noise and vibration. I dove for the on/off switch and shut the unit down. I fished out the broken piece. The disposal was way out of balance when I applied power again and shut the unit down quickly. I knew then I had to replace the unit. After an hour of conducting Internet search for the best replacement including Consumer Reports I found three units I was willing to buy. The top rated unit was not available the same day. I settled on the insinkerator Evolution Prestige.

Garbage disposal $339.00
Plumbers putty $2.99
Power cord assembly $11.99 This garbage disposal does not come with a wall plug electrical cord which we require.
1 1/4” O.D. by 7/8” I.D by 2 feet hose $4.78 which connects the dishwasher vent to the garbage disposal.

This disposal is very quiet and offers an alleged 7 year in home warranty.

Customer reviews said this disposal was very easy to install. I do not agree. I ran into three difficult portions of the installation.

I had to install this unit with no help from anyone else.

First, getting the C ring out of the assembly was impossible until I reasoned that I should back off the 3 screws so tension on the C ring was removed.

Second, Getting the C ring back in place was impossible. I came up with a trick. I reasoned that the ring would be easy to slide into place if I could keep the ends of the ring separated by about a quarter of an inch. I used a wood wedge. I separated the C ring at the very end corner of the wood and used the rest of the long piece of wood to position the C ring.  All I had to do was use my fingers to slide the ring in place.

Third: placing the rather heavy garbage disposal correctly in place was impossible for me alone to do. I placed a scissor jack under the unit and cranked the garbage disposal up in place. (see picture).  I had to make sure the unit was properly aligned.  The attachment ring on the disposal requires you get all 3 tabs to connect to the sink ring.  I used a lot of lights to illuminate the work area.  I used an inspection mirror to view the back side of the disposal to ensure all the 3 tabs had connected.

insinkerator Evolution Prestigue Gargage Disposal
Garbage disposal held up by scissor jack.

Tip: When aiming the disposal correctly into the sink hardware, view the docking from the the sink top as well as from below.

A major problem for me installing garbage disposal is getting the drain tubes connected. This garbage disposal has a brilliant solution.  The connection from the L tube out of the disposal down into the sewer drain is soft rubber. All I had to do was install all the drain connections leading up to the disposal first and leave the connection to the side of the disposal for last. I then just rotated the L tube into the soft rubber connector and placed the lock ring to finish the connection – utterly brilliant!

Conclusion:  This garbage disposal is very quiet.  My daughter has her bedroom over the kitchen and she could hear the old garbage disposal run.  There is no way she can hear this unit from her bedroom.

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