LG-V30 Glass Screen Protector & Case Protection Review

LG-V30 Glass Screen Protector & Case Protection Review

I just upgraded my phone to an LG-V30 and being just over $800, I wanted to protect my investment.  I purchased an OtterBox case which comes with a belt clip.  I then decided to add for $44.99 a PureGear High Definition Tempered Glass screen.  That added screen protection decreased the screen sensitivity to my finger touches.  When I tried to type text, I had to keep going back and hit a particular key again.  I found this product quite annoying.

Otterbox LG-V30 Case Protection = Recommended for men.  For women, this might not look appropriate as it adds more thickness and side bulk.  For women, the belt clip, I just can not see any women using.

Otterbox case protection problem:  The LG-V30 comes with Qi technology that allows you to just set your phone on a wireless charger.  Problem is that there are many reports that Qi chargers fail to work with the Otterbox due to its thickness.   Here is my results so far (November 24, 2017):

  • I just happened to go to my local shopping mall and one of the vendors, Zagg, was selling Otterbox cases.  I asked about Qi chargers.  They had one and allowed me to put my cell phone on it.  It worked.  I did not see the box it came in but using a web site I think this is it – Mophie “charge force wireless charging base”.  Problem with this particular Qi charger is that there are a LOT of complaints that the company, Mophie, does not stand behind its products.
  • Still looking

PureGear screen protection = Not Recommended for careful users.  If you are in some business like construction or you think you might drop your phone a lot, then consider this product.

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