Fox “News” Allege Treason

Fox “News” Allege Treason

Attention Fox “News” lawyers:

Fox “News” may be approaching the violation of the United States Constitution Section 3 defining what constitutes treason against the United States. There are two separate triggers meaning that it only takes either one or the other to achieve this high crime.

Trigger #1 Levying war against the United States.
Trigger #2 Adhering to US enemies by giving them aid and comfort.

The word “Adhere” means “believe in and follow the practices of”. In this current case we now experience in the Untied States, it would be “believing in and follow practices of Russia. This means that Fox “News” should not believe, follow, promote the practices, and purpose of Russia to harm the United States!

Recently, Fox “News” has attacked Robert Mueller for his investigation of the alleged Russian interference of the 2016 Presidential Election process. In particular, the investigation is tasked to look into ties between President Trump’s campaign people with Russian officials and following their “orders”. A possible investigation result may find that some members of Trump’s election people working for the election process for becoming president may have worked for the Russians. It only takes one person to be found working for Russia to qualify for treason. A legal argument might be made that anyone working to protecting a person conducting treasonous activities might also share the same legal arguments that they too are fellow travelers and should be prosecuted for treason.

The owner of Fox “News”, Rubert Murdoch, has been reported being in close contact with President Trump. If President Trump is found to be guilty of treason, Rubert Murdoch might also be in jeopardy for allegedly protecting the alleged treasonous activity. If Fox News employees are also found out knowingly helping alleged treason activities, they might be prosecuted.

The above situation, one can argue, is in a gray area of freedom of the press. Fox “News” has the duty to report the news. But, freedom of the press implies the ABSENCE of interference from an overreacting state. Already, Fox “News” has stepped past this threshold by supporting President Trump and violating balance. This overstep seems to be suspicious.

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