Prediction Possibility

Prediction Possibility

President Trump has stated that the Mueller investigation can not investigate Trump’s business. Mueller is beginning to step over that line. Trump is getting boxed in and has few options to survive.  A favorite tactic for Trump is to create a diversion. Mike Pompeo, the new secretary of state, is a war hawk. His appointment may be clearing the deck of any opposition to Trump’s possible next move.  Declaring war may result in these positive outcomes for Trump, the Republican Party and the nation’s oligarchs:

  • Obscure the Mueller investigation results that may show Trump’s alleged racketeering enterprise.
  • Hide the Republican Party’s alleged, following the US oligarchy’s, directions to not cooperate with the Democrats in the US House investigation. (Democracy In Chains)
  • The United States electorate seems to be taking on a negative view toward the president and the Republican Party.  A war might improve the odds for the despicable in the next election.


March 22, 2018 update:  John R. Bolten has been made National Security Advisor, a war loving hawk.  The possibility of war for the United States with North Korea or Iran has just increased.  The US citizens who voted for President Trump and  have children that could serve in the military may have increased the possibility for harming those children.



Updated September 26, 2020

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