Some Republicans Allegedly Become Criminals

Some Republicans Allegedly Become Criminals

The Republican Party wants to close down the Russian investigation. The obvious reason is those Republicans intend to participate in the criminal activity by protecting the alleged criminals. If successful, the pending criminal Republicans can cover and protect all the participants, including themselves.

The facts show that the Muller investigation has exposed serious crime. These criminals have in most cases, attacked the United States institutions. Following is a list proof that the Russian investigation is a viable and fruitful investigation:

Trump Investigation score card so far (May 2018):

  • More than 100 criminal counts have been issued.
  • Criminal counts have been cast against 19 people.
  • Three Trump associates have been charged. Two have pleaded guilty.
  • Criminal counts against three companies.
  • Thirteen Russians are accused of meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

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