What Does The NRA and The Book Plant Paradox Have In Common?

What Does The NRA and The Book Plant Paradox Have In Common?

I just started reading Plant Paradox, a book that makes a convincing case that we are choosing to eat the wrong foods, a vast over simplification of that book, but I can’t do better. For me a second message in that book is that corporations have been modifying our food chain to gain added profit which is why we need to pay attention and pick the best foods to eat. I then hear of another school shooting in Santa Fe Texas, May 18, 2018. Ten students are dead and ten are injured when I wrote this post. For me, I see a crude similarity in the two situations. Agricultural corporations have been using their profits to buy power and thwart regulation in modifying our food chain to advance their profits. Gun manufacturers have been using their profits to sell more weapons of destruction and thwart gun control. People are injured and die as a result in both cases. Corporations do not give a damn about you or me. They are out for more money. They both use the legal system to maintain their control over them winning and us loosing. Why then do we allow this? In the case of food chain modification, corporations have secretly manipulated the political process to allow passage of food control legislation. The NRA has similarity used their political power to purchase politicians to not institute gun control regulation. Children die because dollars are more valued for the gun industry. The rest of us suffer illness and death because the chemical industry has poisoned our food chain. We just stand by and let this all happen.  How stupid is that?

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