Scrivener Will Not Allow You To Change Text Color

Scrivener Will Not Allow You To Change Text Color

One day I was driven nuts because Scrivener, my favorite long format writing application, was typing red text.  I tried everything.  I went to text color and chose black but it simply would not take.  I went on the Internet, conducted a search and there were no answers.  I just kept poking around until I found the solution.  I must have left off with my writing project with first revision which turns all the text to red.  I only had to choose the menu item “Format > Revision Mode  and then mouse down to “None” to get my text color to become black again.


9 thoughts on “Scrivener Will Not Allow You To Change Text Color

  1. Thanks for pulling me out of Crazyland. So many secret doors and hidden rooms. I’m new to Scrivener and doubtless have many more learning experiences on the way.
    Thank you so much once again.

  2. More than four years later and your blog post is still saving people’s sanity. Thank you so much for typing and sharing this McLaren!

    Love from India

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