If Donald Trump Was Put In Office Illegally.

If Donald Trump Was Put In Office Illegally.

If it is determined as a fact that Donald Trump became president through an illegal process and should be deposed, then it stands to reason that a roll back take place to allow Hillary Clinton, who actually won the election, take that office for a full term as follows:

  • Hillary Clinton will  become president for a full term of 4 years beginning when Trump is forced to leave office along with his staff.
  • The vice president is required to vacate his office along with his staff.
  • All “supreme” court appointments made by Trump are invalid and will be forced to resign.
  • All department heads appointed by the Trump administration including foreign service ambassadors and dipomats can be replaced by the new president.
  • All legislation signed by Trump is null and void unless approved by the new administration.
  • All congressional legislation that passed because of Vice President Pence making the deciding vote must be retracted.
  • All president cabinet positions should be vacated when and if replaced by President Hillary and at her discretion.
  • All cabinet officials policy measures, taken while in office with Trump, should be rescinded at the discretion of Hilary Clinton’s new administration allowing a period of her full 4 year term to make such determinations.
  • Any of the above requirements can be modified by the new president at her discretion.

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