Why Is Trump Eager To Go To War With Iran?

Why Is Trump Eager To Go To War With Iran?

Following are some possible reasons why President Donald Trump may be eager to go to war with Iran.

Trump is fraying nerves inside the Pentagon:

“…there is growing concern among Pentagon officials that Trump will continue trying to use the military as a tool for his own political gain.”

“Pentagon officials have also been unnerved by requests from the White House National Security Council, which continues to ask the Pentagon for options to attack Iran.”

Let’s examine some possible reasons why President Trump might want the United States to declare war with Iran:

#1 It would really help Putin. Why? The Russian economy is pathetic in that it has mainly oil and gas for export and little else. High oil prices would really improve the Russian economy and ensure that Putin who is the chairman of the oligarch class remains in power. A war with Iran would drive up oil prices.

“Military conflict between the United States and Iran would threaten to shut the world’s busiest seaway for oil exports and send crude prices to all-time highs, perhaps even to $200 a barrel, according to one analyst.”

#2 A war with Iran should have at least two positive results for President Trump. First is it would divert attention from the investigation of Trump being a traitor. Then, national wars typically result a nation coming together and stymieing political dissent.

Summary: If the United States goes to war with Iran, it only benefits two individuals and many people die for this. It benefits one of our nation’s enemies, Putin and possibly helps Donald Trump. War also helps weapons manufacturers because they sell more product. But war means people die. War means a country’s infrastructure is damaged. This despicable imbalance of reasoning is criminal.

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Posted January 17, 2019

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