A Case Against President Trump

A Case Against President Trump

It is the purpose of Indivisible to ensure that the United States of America is the best nation it can be. A good part of that process is to abide by the guidance given to us by the founding fathers by adhering to the dictates of the US Constitution. Evolving out of the rules set down by the constitution has been a wonderful legal system and also a history of precedence and norms. Precedence is very important because it is a proven path to follow that works. It establishes a principle or rule that has proven to work in the past and thus is very important to follow in the future.  Norms determine the rights and duties of the people who serve us in government.

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, has allegedly, at numerous times, violated the US Constitution, broken the law and gone beyond the limits of precedence and norms. In sum total, this man is a despicable person who seems to only seek benefit for himself and his sycophants.

It is the purpose of Indivisible to oppose Trump’s agenda, and now to acknowledge that he is unfit for office and should be removed.  Because Donald Trump has failed to further the common good, committed criminal acts, and colluded with a foreign country to diminish this country’s standing in world opinion, Indivisible should now support efforts to remove him from office.

Here is a partial list of Donald Trump’s negative attributes followed by his alleged criminal acts to support this removal effort:

Alleged Personality Deficiencies:

Social Issues

Alleged Constitution Crimes

Personal Crimes


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The above blog post was asked by and written for the web site  IndivisibleCA39.org. and posted July 21, 2019

Posted July 25, 2019

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