Possible Expectations From Attacks On Saudi Arabia

Possible Expectations From Attacks On Saudi Arabia

Prediction based on past history:

Possible prediction from attacks on the Saudi Arabia oil fields with drones September 14 and 15, 2019:

We should expect that the Untied States to rather quickly get involved in possible attacks against Iran because Saudi Arabia has significant control over the US Congress from the huge payments made to members of Congress and underlying ownership of the US economy. One can easily say that the Saudi Arabia owns a good portion of the US government. Possibly expect United States military to fight and die in the coming months. Iran is not a push over enemy. Iran has significant land mass and military capability as well as secondary hidden assets. Saudi Arabia may expect that the United States to fight this next war to the last American soldier.

Also, why would the United States get involved in a conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran?  For what possible reason?  Let these two countries, where the rulers enrich themselves where they suppress freedom and are vastly corrupt, fight each other.

Let us hope that the citizens of both Saudi Arabia and Iran rise up and overthrow their scum sucking political systems and problematic religious influences to form better living standards form of governing that works best for all citizens.


Published September 15, 2019
Updated September 18, 2019

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