Some Of President Trump Supporters Might Exhibit Regality Theory

Some Of President Trump Supporters Might Exhibit Regality Theory

Why is it that a very large population of US Citizens support President Trump when by many measures he is a flawed man?  First, there is no one simple answer because it seems that so many individuals like Trump for different reasons.  So, first, let us examine one very interesting explanation that being how some parents brought up their children and instilled an attraction for authority figures.

This concept is based on a theory called the Regality Theory.  This theory sort of points the blame at the parents of some of Trump supporters.  These pro Trump individuals may have been preconditioned by their parents who used authoritarian style of expecting high performance with little direction, failed communication and very little nurturing.  If these types of children made mistakes, they tended to be punished harshly.  From the child’s point of view, not being softly directed toward learning how to succeed on their own but instead told to follow orders makes for an insecure follower type of individual who may be afraid to proceed on their own but ready to follow the type parent that they had, a dictator type.

Let us now examine some of the possible traits these citizens may possess stemming from them being being trained to be unsure and subservient:

  • The world is viewed as being dangerous.
  • They support having a strong leader.
  • They may possess strong feelings of group and tribal identity.
  • They are more willing to follow strict discipline.
  • They will punish other people’s deviant behavior.
  • The individual exists for the group.
  • Strict religion is typically followed.
  • Strict moral values are adhered to and valued.

Note that most of these elements germinated from a  family that operated like dictators.  The child only knows that to get along, to survive, they must adhere to the dictates of those in control.  They are not expected to examine or investigate on their own.  This type of person might value a strongman candidate when voting. This person may make for a fervent follower of a dictator.


Posted August 22, 2020

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