Old Age & Corona Virus Has Advantages Some Times

Old Age & Corona Virus Has Advantages Some Times

My California drivers license was due to expire July 2020 but I was sent a letter from the DMV, June 5, 2020, extending the expiration of the license to November 2020.  This was obviously due to the pandemic.  I expected to take a written exam and also behind the wheel test.  I spent two days studying for the DMV written exam.  There are 6 California practice exams on line. 

I went to the DMV, arrived just before 2 pm.  I wanted to check the DMV situation out one day prior to getting there early to start the process.  My daughter told me to get there early.  I was planning to arrive real early the next morning to avoid crowds.  I saw a very long line off to the side of the DMV building extending into the parking lot.  There were two easy ups canopies tied together at the head of the line where two DMV people were sitting at a table.  I went to the easy ups to ask how long it would take.  One of the DMV persons at the easy up asked if I was over 60.  I was given a paper and was told to go to the entrance of the DMV and started the process.  I got my license in just under one hour.  No written test.  No behind the wheel driving test.  I am SHOCKED!  This includes real ID for air travel!  Incredible!  

I then get my new drivers license with the real ID mailed to me in just 12 days!  YIKES – INCREDIBLE!



Posted November 27,2020

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