Fight Child Poverty

Fight Child Poverty

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It is never has been my interest or motivation to recommend to my readers any charity because that is not the main purpose of this blog.  This blog is to inform, not to sell.  But, this issue of child poverty, in my mind, is very important to us all.  I, therefor, have tried to research any possible solution that we, as a population of public, can think about adopting to improve this situation.  Our politicians should work toward resolving this issue.  While waiting for them to act typically takes quite some time.  The faster solution is for all of us to consider what we can do to help.  The easiest solution is to throw our money at this problem.  So far, here is my rather short list for you to consider.  I have attempted to only offer, to you, highly recommended solutions.  I will only show very high score operations, by Charity Navigator, and I reject religious affiliations.  I am sure there are a lot more solutions for you to consider:

  • Feeding America. has a very high score from Charity Navigator.
  • Save The Children has a near perfect score from Charity Navigator.   This organization also serves other nations than the United States.
  • Child Defense Fund has an above average score from Charity Navigator.
  • National Homelessness Law Center has a 82.69 out of 100 score from Charity Navigator.  Their emphasis is to end homelessness and poverty.


The above list is still being expanded when time permits.


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