Apple Airpod Pro Review

Apple Airpod Pro Review

Apple Earbuds Pro


Years ago I purchased wireless bluetooth Apple headsets and they seemed to work fine until March 2021.  Then, the batteries within the earbuds failed.  I went out and purchased the new Apple Airpod Pro paying close to $200 before tax.  I have been disappointed with this purchase for the following reasons:

  • My main complaint is that the audio level has diminished.  They provide a much lower volume than the older version of Apple bluetooth headsets.  I use an Android LG-V30 cell phone and have tried to increase volume settings but nothing works.  I did discover that if I tap on the left earpiece the volume seems to go up a tiny bit.  I walk outside along roadways and the traffic noise easily drowns out the audio I am listening to.   I find that I have to plug in corded headsets to properly listen to my cell phone applications.  With the cord headsets my cell phone allows me to increase volume.  This option fails to show when I am using the Apple Airpod Pro.
  • A constant problem is that the audio frequently fails to arrive at both ear pieces at the same time.  I get sort of an echo type of effect.  My solution is to switch out of one audio playback application and enter another different application which frequently results in synchronized audio.  I then switch back to the audio application I wish to listen to and for a while it plays properly.  The best solution is to, again, use wired headsets.
  • I tried to make a phone call using the Apple Earpod Pro but the party that I called immediately complained that he could not properly hear me.  I think he said that my audio was distorted.  I told him that I would call him back.  I removed the Earpods and used the phone microphone and speaker to make a second call to the party I wanted to reach and the person at the other end said the audio was now perfect.
  • The changeable ear piece fittings, of which there are three, is a possible improvement maybe for some people.   They are a bit difficult to unplug and attach, in my opinion.  I have yet to find one of the three ear gaskets that keeps the device in my ear without falling out.

The Good: 

  • The connectivity between this unit and my cell phone has really improved over the prior Apple wireless model.
  • Audio quality is very good.
  • Pairing between the headsets and the audio source is good.

The Bad:

  • Low apparent maximum audio level.
  • Audio fails to reach both headsets at the same time, occurs frequently.
  • Possible distortion in my microphone audio when using with a cell phone to make a call.


Summary:  I do NOT recommend this product.  I have resorted to wearing my very old corded headset, which NEVER provides echo problems, never falls out of my ears, gives good audio output level, but the cord is a bit of a pain.  I really do think I wasted my money.


My Solution:

Years ago I purchased a very expensive handheld ham radio.  It is a Kenwood TH-D74 costing over $800.  I discovered that one of its many features is that the user can connect a bluetooth headset to it so the user can listen and talk on the radio.  But, for years I could not find any bluetooth headset that showed to work with the radio until 2021.  One ham radio operator stated that he found three bluetooth headsets would work. I rushed out and purchased two of them and they do work.  My surprise was that the Plantronics Voyager 5200 was so good that it not only connected to my handheld ham radio but also to my Android cell phone. It could connect to BOTH!   This headset is perfect for me for the following reasons:

  • Perfect audio.  The audio level can be turned up.  When I walk along any highway the passing car noise is loud so I turn the volume up or down to my liking.  I also found out that if I hear a vehicle approaches from behind me on the road, I can take my hand and press the headset into my ear and the volume really goes up.
  • Quick charge.
  • Very nice controls.
  • Perfect voice commands.  This headset notifies you of any incoming call and asks you if you accept or deny the connection.
  • There is a very small switch that you need to flip when you use the headset or not.  When you turn the headset off and plug in the USB charge cable there is a very small blue light that shows you that the headset is charging.


Summary:  I am so happy that I purchased this headset.   It costs about half what Apple Airpod Pro costs.  The one slight deficiency is that you only get audio into one ear.  I find this slightly annoying.



Posted May 21, 2021
Revised:  July 1, 2021

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