Brinks Money Debit Card Is NOT Recommended

Brinks Money Debit Card Is NOT Recommended

June 6th 2021 while walking along a highway I found a Brinks Money Debit card laying on the ground.  I picked it up with the intent to return it to the owner.  After hours on a computer searching for phone numbers for Brinks, and they have quite a few, I discovered that there fails to be, in my opinion, any live person to talk to.   I tried all the phone numbers that I could find and every one has a rather long phone tree with a lot of branches that end without being able to talk to anyone about this problem.   I have spent way too many hours trying to research who owns this card with NO help from Brinks.

I do NOT recommend anyone using Brinks services or products because they seem to fail to offer the service I require, a live human being, to talk to.

I have tried Internet searches but no positive results.

Currently, I have contacted a local police department but after 4 calls to the records and front desk, they fail to respond to their calls.

HOURS SPENT ON THIS ISSUE SO FAR:   Approximately 5 hours.  (This will be updated after each effort.)

June 15, 2021, I called my local university police department and asked if they could find the person who’s name is printed on the debit card.  They told me they only have records for people who have commited a crime but they would check.  I waited a few minutes for the person to check their data base.  The lady came back saying they could not see any solution.

June 16, 2021 I took the debit card to the police department that had jurisdiction for the location that we found the debit card.  They took possession of the card and said they would try to research who owns the card.  I asked for a police report be sent to me as to what they found out.

If this card was from a more modern bank or credit union, I would have found the owner of the card rather quickly.


Posted 6/7/2021
Updated 6/16/2021

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