Consider Sending Your Library This Message

Consider Sending Your Library This Message

Library Board of Trustees, 
I heard a report that it is the policy of the city library that only books that are purchased as new will be placed on the library shelves for check out.  
I heard that books that are being received as donations and appear to look to be in excellent condition are NOT put into the library official check out stock.   
I also heard that there is an application that anyone can install on their cell phone that allows the user to scan any book to reveal it’s probable value. “You can create a full-time income by buying things like used books locally and listing them for a profit on Amazon and other online marketplaces.”   
 I also heard that some libraries may have diminished book offerings when compared to prior years.  “ Tim Coates warns that U.S. public library usage statistics show a steep decline—and he suggests that library leaders must do more to address the trend.”
Posted June 15, 2021

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