Recommended Outside Christmas Lights Attachment To Roof.

Recommended Outside Christmas Lights Attachment To Roof.

We had had a new roof put on to our house with new facia boards.   When it came to put up Christmas lights my wife and I did NOT want to put the lights up using the old method of nailing U type clips hold the light cords in place as seen in the image below.

We discovered a really nifty plastic clip that slides into the existing roof tiles and also on to any thin metal which does NOT penetrate any portion of the roof. 





Each plastic clip does lift the tile just a little bit as part of the clip slides under the roof tile to ensure a secure snug fit.  The image below shows the clip beginning to be inserted into the front edge of our roof.  This clip holds two type of light bulbs.  All of our lights are very small and require that we insert our bulbs into the very small bulb opening closest to the roof tiles.



The next image shows the plastic clip fully inserted into the front edge of our roof tile.



Obviously, the next step is to begin to insert the individual lights into each clip.  I decided to count every 6 lights for clip insertion.  You can choose whatever light distance works best for you.  I hold the Christmas light string out along the front roof edge and where the 6th light should be attached, I remember where I should insert a clip.  If you get the precise location wrong, usually by a half inch or less, the clip can very easily be slid side to side while still gripping the roof tiles.  A real important tip for you to use is to first slide the clip into the edge of the roof before attaching the light bulbs.  The reason is the the clip is held firm for you by the roof.  This makes it way easier to then insert the light bulb as shown below.




As you can see, the light is inserted from under the clip in the image above.







Because we have the very small light bulbs, we need to get our bulb into the very small rear opening.   This gets a bit tricky because you need to position the bottom of the electrical cord under the light bulb hole and then widen out the two plastic arms to allow you to slide the bulb into the very small hole.  In the image below, you can see that I am trying to separate the two plastic wings so that the very small light bulb holding will allow the bulb to be slipped in.




This all might appear rather complicated and difficult but it really is not.  




In the image above you can see that these clips also slide firmly on to any thin metal.






The image above show the rather large box that you should look for in your local hardware store.



MODEL 80195








POSTED: Dec 3, 2021


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