Possible reasons for the slow demise and ruin of the Republican Party. Part 1.

Possible reasons for the slow demise and ruin of the Republican Party. Part 1.


Cheating The Election Process

The Republican Party finds itself needing to cheat in an attempt to maintain political, legal, and social power.  Past policies have moved it into a corner which seems difficult for it to move out. Now the party cheats by some, if not all, of the methods listed below:

Because the Democratic Party supports a full and free democracy but the Republican Party does not, the Republican Party has begun cheating the normal democratic election process.   Young voters and minority voters support the Democrat party,  Varying portions of minority voters in many states are having their votes being suppressing through these despicable actions by the Republican Party, shown below:

  • Gerrymandering congressional districts.
  • Removing names of people who have not voted in recent elections.
  • Limit early voting.
  • Limit vote by mail.
  • Reduce the number of ballot drop boxes.
  • Imposed new or stricter rules requiring voters to show identification at the polls.
  • Barred from voting for past felony conviction.
  • Reduce the number of walk in polling stations.
  • Force people to wait in longer lines.
  • Misinformation as to how to vote by using scamming efforts.

How you can fight against these authoritarian, non Democratic actions, by the Republican Party:

  • Take legal action to overturn some GOP suppression initiatives.  And support such efforts.
  • People need to try to vote, in overwhelming numbers.  You need to get out and vote!
  • Voters need to be aware of obstacles, including misinformation and potential harassment at polling stations. 
  • Political organizers need to help communities navigate a complex and threatening landscape.

Reference:   How the GOP Works To Suppress Minority Voting


NOTE:   This is the first in a series of blog posts about the problems that the Republican Party is currently having.  Future posts will soon be added.






Posted December 12, 2021


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