A Front Door Lock Check Is Important

A Front Door Lock Check Is Important

For years, when I leave my house after locking the front door, I turn the outside front door to make sure that the door is locked.  I have a habit of turning the knob back and forth a number of times probably to make sure the door is really locked.  A few months ago I sort of noticed that I forgot to lock the door because it would open after turning the outside door knob a few times.  I was very much wrong.  I had NOT forgotten to lock the door.  I finally discovered that turning the outside front door knob after locking the door would unlock the door!  YIKES!

Watch the “Outside Door Knob” to see this happen:


Watch in the next video “Faulty Front Door Lock what takes place with the inside door lock.  As the outside door lock handle is rotated back and forth the inside lock moves slowly to unlock the door.


My wife told me that she thinks our front door lock is twenty years old.  I called a locksmith immediately to have that front door lock replaced.  The locksmith told me that this problem can happen as the door lock ages with corrosion.



Posted June 9, 2022


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