The United States May Be Sliding Into Being A Dictatorship

The United States May Be Sliding Into Being A Dictatorship

The USA is destined to be autocratic according to a number of reputable sources.  Let’s show you a partial list of these predictions:

Warning signs:

How, in the past, have democracies changed into being authoritarian?  Why does this happen?  Let us examine a few past methods used to overthrow a democracy.

Political Radicalization and Social Desperation

Dissatisfied Elites 

Apathetic and Alienated Voters

Methods for creating voter apathy by the United States Republican Party:  

  • 1). Voter suppression.  Currently being done in United States red or heavily Republican states.
  • 2)  Encroachments onto free speech. 


So much of the United States institutions and the voting public have put up with despicable actions from politicians, special interest groups, wealthy donors, mass media outlets, TV hosts, etc.  There has been sort of a collective trend of deplorable actions that has resulted in a gradual shift of general public expected norms away from democratic norms but now a belief that authoritarian  rule might make for a better living environment.  Part of this attraction to authoritarianism is it looks to be way more simple.  Democracy as practiced in the United States can look to be complex and messy and some times ruled by special interests and not for the best interest of the whole public.


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Posted June 12, 2022

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