Alleged Scam Text Reveals Possible Issues at California EDD.

Alleged Scam Text Reveals Possible Issues at California EDD.

I received an alleged scam text into my phone, October 4, 2022, which follows:

“+1 (820) 465-2292”

“California Unemployment {EDD}: Your prepaid Card is temporarily on hold status .Please review recent transactions at Failure to complete can result in permanent account closure.

Msg & Data Rates May Apply”


I have no idea what a California Unemployment EDD prepaid Card is.  I am not getting any unemployment support from anyone.  

I should have not tried to connect to the web site address but I did to further my investigation and got this response:

“The connection to is not secure.”


I have no dealings with the California Unemployment agency so I decided to let them know that I was allegedly being scammed.  I went to their web site but could not find a phone number.  They only offered a prepared document for me to fill out using my computer:


I chose the option at that web page to respond to this offer:  “Comments, Suggestions or Complaints”.

This took me to their prepared document that I had to fill out on my computer and print out and then send the document to them by mail.

Filling out the prepared computer screen document was flawed, in my opinion.  In each of the document sections it was impossible to add a space between words.  I had to place an underline or dash to convey the words that I needed to print.

I find this California EDD agency needs to vastly improve it’s operation for the following issues:

1:  Their phone number: 1-800-480-3287 was utterly useless.  I was not allowed to talk to anyone.

2:  Their prepared computer form was flawed by not allowing me to put spaces between words.  For example, the form asks for your name.  I was not allowed to place a space between my first and last name.  So, I put in an underline.

3:  I have to print this document?  I then have to mail it?  Why can’t I send the document by e-mail?  Why can’t I send the document from the current computer screen?



I decided not to send the document that I printed out because this would reveal my identity.  I run an anonymous web site blog.

Posted: 8-7-2022

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