Apple Watch Band Recommendation – Otter Box

Apple Watch Band Recommendation – Otter Box

I had an Android phone, an LG V30, which was a fantastic phone for a very long time.  It developed a problem early 2022, that was quite annoying using that LG V30.  I decided to buy a new Apple iPhone.  I then decided to buy an Apple Watch, Series 7, because it offered very nice marriage features with the cell phone.  The two devices were like parent (phone) and child (watch).  One of the most surprising events was that when anyone approached my house, I would get an alarm on my watch and view the Ring Camera images of the person on my watch.  That was a wonderful shock!

When I purchased the watch I was stuck choosing a watch band that Apple was offering in it’s store.  Apple makes great computers and watches but not watch bands, in my opinion.  The sales person recommended the magnetic band which is clever to put on because magnets hold the band in place.  The band is smooth and comfortable.  But, days later, I discovered the watch flew off my wrist more than once because the magnets failed to hold the band securely.  You really do NOT want an expensive watch to hit the pavement!  I tried another band that had a series of holes on one band side and the other band had protruding pin that you needed to slide under the opposing band and choose the correct hole to put the pin.  That band also failed me.  

Left band is magnetic, which failed for me. Band attached to watch is Otter Box, my current choice. Two bands on the right (for different wrist size) use a pin which slides into a hole but is awkward to put on.

My Solution:  The Otter Box Band for my Apple Watch is shown in the image above.  I purchased my Otter Box watch band at Target.  The only size they had was marked 42/44mm.  The sales person said he was pretty sure it would work, even though it should have been a 45 mm.  Note that my watch in the image below is a Series 7, size 45 mm, which is the larger size watch (smaller size Series 7  is the 41mm).  I like large image devices.   The Otter Box watch band 42/44 fit perfectly.

A very good web site that explains the Series 7 Apple Watch:  Apple Watch Series 7 41mm vs. 45mm: Which size should you get?


This image shows a super magnified image of the rear of my Series 7 Apple Watch which reveals it’s 45 mm size.

Here is an excellent web site that helps explain how to choose a watch band size:  How to Choose the Right Apple Watch Band Size.  An Apple store employee will guide you to buy the correct watch band size which will greatly simplify this process for you.

The Otter Box watch band goes on just like my prior watch bands that I have used for years.  One side of the band has holes along the length and the other band has the metal square ring with a locking pin and then a narrow rectangle that slides back and forth to receive the opposing band after it is clipped into place.   


Otter Box Apple Watch Band


This watch band has NEVER allowed my watch to fly off my wrist like the magnetic watch band.  This Otter Box band is easy to put on, take off and comfortable to wear.  I just love great solutions in my life because they form a more solid  foundation for me to depend upon.



Posted 8-26-2022
Updated: 8-27-2022. 8-28-2022

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