President Donald Trump, The Alleged Contriver

President Donald Trump, The Alleged Contriver

Donald Trump learned to use contrived methods to achieve apparent success from his father.  Also, a lot of politicians in this country and foreign nations seem to have embraced contrived methods to achieve political success.  Trumps success for inventing apparent contrived methods is almost unparalleled.

A singular contrived method for Donald Trump is a slogan that has seemed to resonate with a lot of citizens.

Make America Great Again” is a clever contrived pronouncement for putting forward a campaign slogan for the following reasons:

  • It is true that the United States really needs to improve more in some more areas of it’s operation.
  • Finally, because Trump was in office for a single term of four years he did not have to achieve what is expected from “Make America Great Again”.


“The fact that Trump did not tear down the major guardrails of democracy does not mean that all is well in the United States. He attracted the support of millions of voters in 2020 and, even more dangerous is the fact that much of the Republican Party still insists on refuting the results of that election and weakening non-partisan election administration in certain states where they hold legislative majorities. Norms have been broken and could yet result in majorities that overturn laws and weaken institutions.”



Posted:  11-14-2022

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