Wonderful Amazon Experience

Wonderful Amazon Experience

Our house seems to need Wifi extenders to improve getting good Internet on our computers and cell phones.  I did a fair amount of research and chose the product “eero mesh WiFi system – router replacement for whole-home coverage (3-pack)” which cost me $129.99.  The website rating was pretty good at 4.4 and achieved an Amazon Choice recommendation.  But, after installing the units, we experienced random short periods loosing our Internet.  The cause was the Eero units.  I found some web sites that support that a lot of people were having this problem.  There were a few simple web site solutions that I tried but none worked for me.  I finally gave up and called Amazon customer support.  I talked to a man located in India, a terrific fellow, who understood the problem and immediately approved my returning the extenders.  He sent me a return shipping label to my computer within minutes.  I had saved the original box.  How it was repackaged was real easy and I was able to get my package ready to ship out in less than ten minutes.  I dropped the package off at the FEDEX store and those people accepting the shipment with no problem.  Within less than one hour, I got a message from Amazon that my full purchase price was returned to me!  YIKES!  INCREDIBLE!  Amazon had no way to check to see that I had sent them back all three units!   That really impressed me!



Posted 5/14/2023

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