A Vast Improvement For My Humane Bowel Movement.

A Vast Improvement For My Humane Bowel Movement.

I started having problems with bowel movement.  I am a pretty old person and this might be age related.  I was not going as often as I knew I should.  My first solution was taking the product MiraLAX.   MiraLAX softens stools, which for me, worked very well but then caused a new problem.



It worked very well.  I took it for over one year but it had one significant down side.  I found that I had to use a very large amount of toilet paper.  My stools were way too soft.  I came to realize and fear that I would not be able to travel by air or bus.

My current solution is using MetaMUCIL.   For me, MetaMUCIL allows for regular bowel movement but the stools are not soft and messy.



Every morning, I add a .022 oz on-the-go, sugar free, orange flavor, psyllium fiber supplement to a glass of Figi water and stir the powder into the water until there is no lumping.  I drink the MetaMUCIL packet contents with my morning medications and vitamins.  Now, I use very little toilet paper; a near perfect solution.

I also eat two MetaMUCIL FIBER THINS cracker (2 are in each envelope) when I take my morning walk.  I always take water with me on my walk because these crackers some times really need some water.



I still use MiraLAX whenever I find myself not having a bowel movement for a period of time.

Please note that you should be careful taking any of these products because you are most definitely different in so many ways than the author.  Consider talking to your doctor before you try any of these products.  Also, you might consider adding anything new to your diet slowly and maybe keep a log listing date and time of the results you detect.

Good Luck!




Posted:  5-13-2023

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