Search For President Biden’s Score Card

Search For President Biden’s Score Card

Right after I wrote and posted Donald Trump Score Card I wanted to post a score card for President Biden.  My immediate research was a bit shocking because the web sites that I visited seemed to diminish the importance of Biden.  How could this be?   I got to think that because Biden was president for a longer time than Trump and done way more than Trump that there might be more instances of failed effort.  I had no solution until I went to my local Barnes & Noble Book Store and just by luck spotted a magazine that I had never seen before, Washington Monthly (Special Spring Books Issue) April/May 2024.  This magazine title showed “Who Got More Done? The Monthly’s presidential accomplishment index”.   That title sold me instantly!  I purchased the magazine without opening it up and when I got home I immediately used my computer to look up the reputation of Washington Monthly.  I was impressed.

I then open the magazine and turn to the page “Introduction:  Who Got The More Done?,  page 8.  and was immediately pleased to see a graphic showing how Biden ranked against Trump.


BIDEN. +14


I am really impressed with this magazine publication.


POSTED: 5/20/2024
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