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Polaris Pool Sweep, Fails To Move, Free Repair

The easy solution was that there were three wheels all the same in that they could be interchanged.  I needed the two drive wheels to be perfect.  The third wheel was not driven and it’s teeth did not matter.  I just switched out the back wheel with the flawed one and the unit worked.  This repair cost the customer nothing for parts, just labor. Continue reading

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Wrong Polaris Debris & Leaf Bag Saved Me About $30

The correct bag would have cost about $45. The new bag, my daughter purchased cost only about $13.  In just under 2 hours I had created a modification to the pool sweep that saved me just over $30. Continue reading

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Waterway Plastics Offers Substitution For Polaris Booster Pump.

Our family has an in ground back yard pool with two pumps.  One of for moving pool water through a filter so the water is made clean.  The second motor moves pool water from the pool filter exhaust out to … Continue reading

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Removal Piston Assembly From Pac Fab 2″ PVC Backwash Valve

Most home pool systems have a backwash valve that allows the owner to send pool water through the filter, typically diatomaceous earth, to rather quickly and cheaply clean the filter.  I encountered a major problem with our backwash valve.  I … Continue reading

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