Pentair Superflo VS Pool Pump Error Code 0008

Pentair Superflo VS Pool Pump Error Code 0008

Pentair Superflo VS Pool Pump Error Code 0008


I had just switched out my Nautilus FNS 48 DE filter elements and put in the required DE powder.  Years ago I had a problem getting my DE filter top section to fit properly.   The top section can be lifted up so the filter can be lifted out of the bottom half.  When I put the top filter shell down in place and clamped the top and bottom assembly together it leaked.  I fixed the problem but ever since I have put a plastic sheet up to protect the motor from getting wet from the filter.  The pool motor is next to the filter.  My mistake was to allow part of that plastic to also cover the pool pump rear fan.  Thus, the pump gave me an error code of 0008.  Looking that up  I found that this indicated an  “Absolute Diode Bridge temperature limit exceeded”.  This means the motor was getting too hot.  I looked down and viewed my mistake of allowing part of the plastic sheet to cover the pool motor fan intake.  Ooops.  I moved the plastic sheet away from the pool motor fan.  I then shut down the power to the pool pump but the pump display still was showing that I had power.  So, I pressed a lot of control buttons which depleted the internal power supply of voltage and the display went blank showing that I had truly shut off power to the motor.  I went to Starbucks and purchased my usual coffee drink, a zebra, grandi, lava hot, 5 an 5 pumps and drove home.  I applied power to the pool pump and it came back up working.  I guess I need to reprogram the pump schedule. 

It also occured to me to get a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment and vacuum out the pool pump fan opening.  I read reports that this can get clogged with debris.  

I love my Pentair Superflo VS Pool Pump. It is the only aspect of my pool that I like.  I hate my pool!

We are paying to get rid of our pool for a whole long list of reasons listed next.  

  • It wastes water.  Our part of the United States has an acute water shortage.  
  • The pool chemicals are expensive.
  • I do all the pool maintenance and I see no reasonable positive payback for the effort.
  • The pool had a diving board at one end so that end of the pool is very deep.  This is not a pleasure to swim in a pool that is shallow at one end and deep at the other.
  • The company that put the pool in did not have a license.  
  • Prior to us buying this house, the former owner applied pebble stone all around the pool.  I think they did this to hide the fact that there was a lawsuit against the company that applied the cement decking.  There are a number of cement cracks and the decking slants toward the house.  You never allow decking to slant toward a house.  You want all rain water to move away from your house.  Also, I hate pebble stone because you are expected to apply pebble stone epoxy every couple of years so the pebbles do not come loose.

We have received a number of bids to get rid of the pool.  We require that the whole pool be removed.  Estimated cost is just under $20,000.




Posted July 25, 2021
Improved H1; July 11, 2022

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