Arab Spring – Opinion

Arab Spring – Opinion

So let me get this right, the whole Arab problem started when a young Tunisian Mohamed Bouazizi set himself on fire after he was banned from selling fruit to earn a living (1).   It would seem that in various parts of the Arab world a small but growing segment of the people in each country wish to attain meaningful employment and to achieve a subsistence standard of life.  It stands to reason that many more wish for a better life.  To me that they no longer wish to be slaves to dictators because dictators seek their own self interests.  It has taken a long while for a bottom up revolution and its about time that the Middle East populations overthrow their oppressors.  The scum bag dictators in each Middle East country will do everything in their power to suppress the Arab Spring revolution.

The western nations seemingly tried to help this overthrow in Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan only to discover that another set of scum bags were waiting in the wings to take control.  The little guys, like Mohamed Bouaziz’s of the Middle East, had no chance to make any political gains when fecal minded tribal leaders, self serving Islam clerics, medieval minded “royalty” and selfish military entrepreneurs use their innate power position advantages to retain power from the people who ideally and actually own the country.

The former national dictators of Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria actually seemed quite capable of keeping the lid on any wild political aspirations.  They seemed adept at controlling tribal, sectarian and military interests in their country.  When the United States unscrewed that lid with the bombing in Libya (2), the invasion of Iraq (3) and Afghanistan (4), new groups of individuals with way less intellect, compassion and legitimacy moved into the vacuum.  A new set of self serving scum sucking dogs took over.  The little guy in each country was a pawn once again but now with the same or more oppression.  In each country, many people died from the lid being opened.  Each individual who was killed was nothing more than a blade of grass for the scum dogs to trample upon.

The Arab Spring at first seemed to be a new bright beginning for the Middle East but one must understand that the humane being is innately less compassionate if they are in power but self serving and out of that selfish to the point of denying anyone else from attaining any gain (5).   It takes intellect, a good education and a philosophy (not religion) that wishes everyone to attain a better life. Lifting the whole boat is a proven economic solution.  Such compassionate individuals that have a three digit IQ are rare.

In some measure, the Middle East ongoing failure, is due to the education system of the Middle East being retarded (6), deficient in that it utterly fails to teach students how to measure  and analyze problems by detecting the separate components and properties of any problem and giving each component an importance values so a better understanding of solutions arising out of realizing which are the more important components first and less important components later can be thought out and proposed (7).  Right now such intellectual explorations are not taking place but instead, factors that may seem to work to keep the ruling class in power and making the elite vast amounts of money takes precedence.





(7) First item





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