Dexter – Review of the TV show.

Dexter – Review of the TV show.

Members of my fitness trekking class, in a conversation about good TV shows to watch and movies to watch, it came up that the TV show Dexter was excellent viewing. I was able to watch the first episode in the first season and found the production values in almost all categories to be excellent except the main character role. My major complaint is that he portrays being a vigilante and evidently this is acceptable because we are being entertained. I draw the parallel of the Romans using the Coliseum for entertainment by providing murder and spectacle to an audience and the entertainment value is the reason it was accepted and continued to endure. The viewer knows the main Dexter character is killing people. Because the protagonist knows his victims to be killers, this seems acceptable because he works for the police and we are seeing the action from his point of view and he is carrying out his selfish justice. The show is so well done that the entertainment factor and darkness draws us in so people continue to watch. I found the show to be a bit sick because it places the audience in a position of accepting his behavior because we are entertained. How perverse it is when entertainment tramples what should be right. What message is being conveyed to the audience? Do we really know why Rome fell?

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