Some Possible Explanations For US Inaction In Libya

Some Possible Explanations For US Inaction In Libya

One has to wonder the possibilities for the United States not helping the Libyan peoples plea for help in providing a no fly zone over Libya.

List of possible reasons:

  • Kadafi has claimed that the actions against his regime are all a plot by the west to control Libyan oil.  For us to aid the freedom fighters would validate that claim to the world.
  • The United States has dirty hands in the middle east and has to back away from involvement in this conflict.
  • The no fly zone is extremely hard to set up and carry forward.
  • The no fly actions will surely cause death to innocent civilians and thus the United States will be seen as the ugly war machine.
  • The no fly zone pulls military assets from Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea, etc.
  • The United States is already fighting two wars and being drawn into another conflict is not wise.
  • The military industrial complex along with the national gas industry is not concerned with the massive dying in Libya, but rather business interests.  They might recommend that the administration wait until the situation gets so dire that American troops be sent to Libya to support the freedom fighters.  In other words, strive toward putting US boots on Libyan soil instead of flying overhead.  In this way, this country can impart deeper control of any future ruling party and thus game the system to make further riches for our business interests.

What is your guess as to the reluctance of the administration?

Post date: 3/9/2011

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