Our Recommended Live Music and Video Performances

Our Recommended Live Music and Video Performances

The following list is in no particular order.  We just wish to share our list of the best live music performances that you can buy in the form of movie and/or CD.  Before buying, preview the music using iTunes to make sure your recommendations properly fit what you like.

Queen: Live At Wembley Stadium. This is both a movie and CD.  Released 1990.

Rolling Stones Bridges to Babylon is a movie.  We recommend ONLY the movie and NOT the CD.  The CD is a studio recording which does not meet our requirements.

Nena: Made In Germany CD and movie.  The movie version might be available but we can not find the USA compatible NTSC copy yet.  Caution: do not buy PAL or SECAM versions as they  probably will not play on devices sold in the USA.

Elton John Live In Australia

Eric Johnson Live From Austin TX ’84 (Audio Version)

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